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Life insurance is available if you had prostate cancer

Many men wrongly think that because they had prostate cancer, life insurance will not be available or their life insurance rates will be unaffordable! 

The reality is...You can get life insurance at reasonable rates if you know which life insurance companies to work with.


What You Need to Know about Prostate Cancer Underwriting:

Prostate cancer is a common life insurance underwriting issue we encounter every day.  If you are a prostate cancer survivor, life insurance may be available to you from a number of companies that specialize in prostate cancer history.  

Stage 1 prostate cancer and stage 2 prostate cancer histories are insurable once you have completed all cancer treatments.

Prostate Cancer Questionnaire  


As the #1 impaired risk life insurance site in the U.S., we know which life insurance companies will be best for you based on your prostate cancer history.

It is important to know that not every life insurance company will do a good job underwriting you.  If you applied for life insurance prior to visiting us, you may have been declined or received an extremely high table rating from the insurance company.

We know which life insurance companies specialize in underwriting prostate cancer and will make sure you get to these companies so that you receive the best possible underwriting offers.  

We also know which life insurance companies will consider you if you are using the "watch and wait" prostate cancer treatment plan.

Prostate Cancer Questionnaire  


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed for men after skin cancer.  The availability and price for prostate cancer survivors life insurance depends on a number of factors including the following:

  • Age - Prostate cancer diagnosis after age 60 is the most ideal from a life insurance underwriting standpoint.  

    Over 50 prostate cancer life insurance is available depending on the extent of your prostate cancer history. 

    Diagnosis prior to age 50 is difficult and may require lengthy postpone periods.
  • PSA Level - Pre cancer and Post cancer PSA levels are needed.
  • Prostate Cancer Stage - Prostate cancer is assigned a staging number based on the size and spread of prostate cancer.  

    Stage 1 prostate cancer and stage 2 prostate cancer are readily insurable for most men after completion of treatment.  

    Stage 3 prostate cancers may be insurable after lengthy postpone periods.
  • Gleason Score - The gleason score measures the aggressiveness of your prostate cancer. 
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment - the type of prostate cancer treatment you had is a major factor in determining the availability of life insurance. 

    Medications - If you are taking certain medications such as Casodex, etc., life insurance companies will not consider you for coverage as this is a medication used to treat metastatic prostate cancer which has spread to other parts of the body.

Prostate Cancer Questionnaire  


How Prostate Cancer History Affects Your Life Insurance Rate:

Prostate Cancer Questionnaire  


Most life insurance companies will postpone you for a period of time after the completion of your prostate cancer treatment.  The postpone period varies depending on how aggressive your prostate cancer was as well as the prostate cancer treatment used.  

Prostate cancer treatment such as Brachytherapy or external beam radiation require longer postpone periods compared to a radical prostatectomy....THIS JUST IN - We just received word from a company who will now consider men with active localized prostate cancer for life insurance. This same company will also consider men who have just completed radiation therapy.

The most competitive prostate cancer survivor life insurance rates are available to men diagnosed with prostate cancer after age 60, where the PSA level was less than 20, the Gleason grade was less than 6, and the cancer was stage 1 prostate cancer or stage 2 prostate cancer.

Life insurance is available to men who fall outside of these guidelines.

Let us help you get the life insurance you need at an affordable rate.  We work for you not the insurance companies.

We received word recently that life insurance may be available to men diagnosed with prostate cancer who are advised to "watch and wait" due to the slow growing nature of their prostate cancer.  If you are age 70 or older with a watch and wait treatment plan, contact us today to see if we can help you.


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Prostate Cancer Questionnaire  


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The information contained on this website is meant to inform you about how medical issues affect your life insurance rates.  This information is not meant to replace your physician's advice.  Always consult your physician for medical advice




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